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United Yarn was started by Saul Rosen in 1930 and incorporated in the State of NJ. Saul began the company by selling silk yarn waste. In 1960 Saul Rosen built his own successful yarn processing operation in Staunton, Virginia. Fiberspun was a state-of-the-art facility, with texturing, beaming, rewinding, and twisting operations, and prospered for 28 years, when in 1988 was sold to Unifi, Inc.

United Yarn continues to sell and distribute nylon and polyester filament yarns, both first grade and off-grade to various markets, such as raschel lace, tricot, warp knits, narrow fabrics, apparel, home furnishings, industrial, circular knit, hosiery, broadwoven, etc. The range of deniers is from 10 denier up to heavy deniers such as 10000 denier and higher.
We also sell nylon tow up to 40000 denier.  United Yarn has warehouses in VA , NC, SC, and RI.

United Yarn today is a global company, sourcing various yarns and selling all over the world. It has maintained exclusive agreements with major fiber manufacturers worldwide.

United Yarn has been successful because of the services it provides to its customers. Saul's sons own and operate United Yarn. Martin Rosen has been President and Arthur Rosen, Vice President since 1976.

Martin Rosen is also President of Kennetex, specializing in space-dyed polyester, nylon and polypropylene, and American Drawtech, which manufactures fully drawn polyester filament fiber.

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